Current Location: Berlin & Nürnberg, Germany.

Long story, basically driven by the mission to be seen, motivated by the positive feedback from lovers and followers, inspired by potential and tension, pushed by people who tell me that I should live the life that everyone lives, caught by the fascination about unpredictable stories, lured by the desire to create more than possible, fed by inspiration from the biggest dreamers, always hungry for new adventure, curious for what comes next, awakened by the infinite universe – but most importantly: honouring the present moment. We’re all meat coated skeletons made from stardust, so what are you afraid of? Ah, and Mila is my artist’s name and it came to me in a dream


Special thanks to all those lovely people who support me, who are patient with me, who give me the chance to create something new, maybe not always on first sight but the challenge is real. Thanks to everyone who believes in me and thanks to those who don’t because the desire to proof you differently and break your thought habits is growing with every second you try to actively stop me from doing what others couldn’t do. So beside all the great things that keep me going there has to be something trying to push me to my limits and that is what shows me that nothing comes easily in reality. Thanks to all the good, successful people who inspire me and show me that there is a pretty good chance to live by your passion and purpose. Thanks to my lovely sheerios, thanks to my project partners, thank you all.I take nothing for granted, everything happens for a reason. It’s either a blessing or a lesson.

Contact me for collaborations via Instagram.

Enjoy your day!

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