Dear designers,

To all the creatives out there, this is an important message. Please promise yourself to always do good, to always help the people to live a prettier life than they can imagine. Use your imagination to create more than you could possibly have thought of months ago, use your superpowers to build empires of love, laughter, joy and peace. Get your shit together to be a beautiful role model for those who aren‘t there yet and make the world a better place simply by existing. Show them your love for design and art, for symmetry, shapes, extraordinary colours matching like never before, shades, textures, words, lines, vectors, pixels, all that good beautiful stuff. You know the game. You know your skills. You know your amazing talents. Be the 

cure to someone‘s malais and make them feel good again. Challenge yourself to be the best designer, artist and person to meet. I mean, how would you like to be seen? Design your identity, live from your heart, spread good vibes, be the change, be who you have signed up to be – but even better! This world has infinite possibilities now and you‘re here alive right now. Right here. With us all, with your loved ones, with your critics, with your emotions and interpretations. I wish you all the best, step out of your comfort zone and be a hero! Be yourself, enjoy life, it‘s a unique time to experience. Enjoy the ride, darling.

– Mila

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