Beautiful state

Dear people,

always remember to remain in a beautiful state. Why? Because everything is just a reflection from what you feel actually, how you think and that makes you react or act a certain way. Also then your environment mirrors kind of your inner world, that’s why when you feel good, life is just easy, but however when you’re feeling down, the tiny things can drive you mad, right? So you have the power to choose your state of being, just get up, make yourself tall, stretch a little and scream out loud “YES!”, maybe a couple of times but I promise you, this can help A LOT! 🙂

Feel good as often as you can but of course don’t suppress the feelings that come up – no one should bottle up what they don’t wanna talk about. Neither should you! Feel it, accept it, give it a positive meaning and let it go. It’s as simple as you make it. I recommend meditating and high vibe food such as fruits and vegetables (or sometimes organic dark chocolate) and the whole world can change in a moment.

Be open to new approaches to your own well being, be the best you can and always remember this: you are not alone!

Thank you for taking your time for your self and thank you for being here!



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